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The challenging and ambitious objectives of ASGARD will be addressed by a multi-disciplinary consortium composed of European universities, nuclear research bodies and major industrial players coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology (CHALMERS). Several of the partners of ASGARD are also members of the joint programme of nuclear materials organized under EERA ensuring a clear value increase by an open and simple communication line. This strong ASGARD consortium is capable to generate the fundamental knowledge for future nuclear fuel cycles and then in particular to the Generation IV system in Europe as well as to disseminate the knowledge to all relevant actors and end users over Europe. Thus the results of ASGARD will help Europe to become ready to face the challenges of the new emerging nuclear generation both in terms of technology and people.

The consortium of ASGARD comprises several of the major parties in the nuclear field in Europe. These groups have a good international reputation with respect to the scientific quality of their work. The consortium includes European as well as National research laboratories, Universities and Nuclear industry. This combination of different level of science ranging from the very basic level to the industrial implementers will guarantee that the innovative and novel research will have a significant relevance for future implementation on a larger scale.

The complementary aspect of the consortium of ASGARD is well considered. Some partners (CEA, NNL, NRG and PSI) have already an extensive experience in research on fabrication of other kinds of fuels and have developed processes for both the head end and the back end of the recycling process. This knowledge about other kinds of fuels will assist the other parts of the consortium in relation to more sustainable general routes for the process development. Together with these larger labs there are basic science laboratories with large capabilities to handling of highly active radioactive materials. These labs will contribute smaller scale novel and more speculative approaches to the manufacturing and dissolution process. In this category there are both universities (CHALMERS and UMAN) as well as national research laboratories (JÜLICH, KIT-INE and ICHTJ). For the more fundamental studies there are also laboratories with more limited radiochemical possibilities (CTU, KTH, LEEDS, UCAM and INCDTIM). The insurance that the processes developed will have a possible industrial potential will be ensured by a highly experienced fuel manufacturing industry (WESTINGHOUSE, Areva, Vattenfall). 


ASGARD Project
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ASGARD project has received funding from the European Atomic Energy Community's 7th Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2011) under grant agreement No. 295825

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